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Desludging of Tanks- Non Man Entry System

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In addition to the traditional manual methods of desludging, ALMEN has invested in a high end technology which gives the client the opportunity to recover the oil entrapped in the sludge and sediments.

ALMEN has introduced the latest three phases separation technology for the recovery of oil from sludge. This hi-tech system allows the separation of oil, water and sediments at source and does not transfer the sludge down stream. Utilizing the three phases decanter along with the combi pre-treatment unit ensures a safe and environment friendly process.

Some of the benefits of utilizing this new technology are:

  • Only a few personnel are needed to enter the tank using hydraulically powered equipment to remove bottom sludge.
  • The sludge can then be processed to remove water oil and sediment by a uniquely designed centrifuge.
  • The recovered oil and water are processed to meet the current Kuwait E.P.A standards and the recovered sediments are free from contaminants.

Today ALMEN has carried out numerous contracts that include desludging works, allowing ALMEN to become a leading company in this activity.

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