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ALMEN is well known for its safety measures in ensuring the best quality of services. Today ALMEN has a safety team which works independently to ensure that all our services are undergoing daily safety inspections. The dedication of this team has won ALMEN numerous safety awards while ensuring all our services are monitored in accordance with international standards of safety and environment. ALMEN today has also risen to accommodate international requirements of quality. Being ISO 9001:2000 certified, ALMEN now stands as a landmark to the oil industry maintenance servicing. Today ALMEN enjoys international recognition in both its safety aspects and its quality control. This page aims at providing a quick look at ALMEN’s safety and quality policies.

ALMEN is dedicated providing a safe and healthy environment for Employees and Customers, protecting and preserving ALMEN assets and property.

At ALMEN, our most valuable resource is the people who work for us, injuries should be prevented. To achieve this objective, ALMEN will make all reasonable efforts to comply with all government and client regulations pertaining to Safety and Health issues. An effective Safety and Health Program will be carried out throughout our organization.

The Safety and Health program will assist management and non-supervisory employees in controlling hazards and risks which will minimize employee and customer injuries, damage to client’s property and damage or destruction of Company property.


All employees will follow the Safety, Health and Environment program. This program is designated to encourage all employees to promote the Safety of their fellow employees and customers. To accomplish our Safety and Health Goals, all members of management are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy, and to insure it is followed.